Best of Expo 2016: Breaking Free Of Your Business. The Entrepreneurs Plan To Independence

Join David Blaise for this session on the entrepreneurs plan to independence. While the word 'entrepreneur' summons images of wealth and freedom, the reality is that many business owners feel like self-employed wage slaves. They feel chained to their desks and accountable to their employees. Many work nights, weekends and holidays to support the salaries and benefits of employees who don't work nearly as much. In this session, learn how to move from self-employed wage slave to company president to liberated entrepreneur. Attendees will walk away with a process for creating consistent results in their business without having to do it all themselves.

David Blaise

Industry entrepreneur, author and business consultant

What do the promotional product industry's first video podcast, audio podcast, extreme makeover and theme song all have in common? Industry entrepreneur, author and business consultant David Blaise. In 1998, Blaise created Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales, the industry's premier “success system in a box." Since then, he has built the most recognized and successful training brands in the industry, including Getting Started, Top Secrets of Customer Acquisition, Top Secrets of Multi-Million Dollar Producers and The Power of Promotional Products. Currently Blaise's company helps thousands of industry professionals each year increase sales, improve profit margins and grow their businesses on a guaranteed basis.


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