CPSC Recalls and The Current State of Civil Penalties: The Case for a Robust Compliance Program

Recorded On: 07/26/2016

Join Andrew Farhat for the session CPSC Recalls and The Current State of Civil Penalties. The regulated community has seen the CPSC levy large civil penalties with more frequency. With the passage of the CPSIA in 2008, the maximum penalty for each violation increased from $8,000 to $100,000, with maximum penalty amounts for a series of violations increased from $1.8 million to $15 million. In this webinar, we will dive into some recent CPSC recalls and civil penalties, and explore some of the factors that the CPSC utilizes when determining the civil penalty action and amount. By better understanding these cases, you will identify some best practices that can be used when building your compliance program.This session qualifies as an "elective" under the Product Safety Aware Program.

Andrew Farhat

Global Toy Leader

Actively involved in the quality assurance industry for over 10 years, Andrew has experience in a broad range of consumer products including toys, textiles and apparel, and general merchandise on both the laboratory and manufacturing/retail sides of the industry. As the Global Toy Leader, Andrew oversees and directs UL's global toy business. By defining and executing the global toy strategy in all areas including technical, operations and relationship development, he is responsible for influencing and coordinating activities related to operations, marketing, commercial, pricing, and overall strategy. In his previous role, Andrew served as a Regulatory Affairs Manager where he worked with clients to implement value-added solutions to meet the requirements of evolving global legislations.


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