EXPO 2012 Keynote Luncheon: Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Follow

Executive coach, brand strategist and bestselling author Libby Gill shows you how to create distinctive brands based on your unique gifts and authentic customer value. As the former head of PR & communications for Universal, Sony & Turner Broadcasting

Libby Gill

A corporate entertainment veteran

A corporate entertainment veteran, Libby Gill held senior management positions in public relations and communications at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios and Turner Broadcasting, and was also the branding brain behind the launch of the Dr. Phil Show. During her 15-year Hollywood tenure in an industry known for cutthroat competition, she survived more than a dozen management restructures, transitions and takeovers. Yet with each change, Libby positioned her company to maintain their competitive edge – and emerged as a leader herself.

Rising rapidly up the corporate ladder, Libby moved from office temp to C-suite division head in just five years. She will share her leadership strategies with her proven “Clarify, Simplify & Execute” process and guide you to create bold leaders at every level of your organization.


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