Expo 2016: Five-Sense Branding Strategy

Join Chris Piper for this session on five-sense branding. Savvy advertisers want products that have reach, recall and low cost-per-impression, and branded promotional items provide all that and more. In fact, promotional products are the only advertising medium that can engage all five senses. People can touch a soft logoed hoodie or savor delicious custom-branded chocolates. The right promotional product can give your clients advantages that simply aren

Chris Piper

President of Northwest Promotional Marketing Association and Regional Vice President, NW with Halo Branded Solutions

Chris is President of Northwest Promotional Marketing Association and Regional Vice President, NW with Halo Branded Solutions. He is an active volunteer in our industry too – he currently is President of the Northwest Promotional Marketing Association (NWPMA) and is a certified advocate for PPAI as well as a past L.E.A.D participant. Chris has presented 5 Sense Branding Solutions to the Association of Luxury Suite Directors, Fan Loyalty Managers with national sports organizations. Business' such as Nike and Intel, small & medium sized businesses, and Universities have also appreciated Chris's education and case studies about the Promotional Products Industry as an effective advertising medium that targets all 5 senses of the consumer and employee. Chris advocates that, “Traditional Marketing can't work alone in this day of technology – Brands must escape the clutter, beat their chest, and engage the consumer to take an action. Savvy businesses want products that have REACH, RECALL, and LOW COST-PER IMPRESSION and the promotional product provides all that and more! The right promotional product, with a plan behind the branded product, can give your customers advantages that simply aren't available with other advertising media.” During Chris' interactive session, you'll hear case studies of what's worked and discover proven research that will help you create a customer sensory experience for your clients that will engage and motivate your client's customers to take action. Chris has 20+ years of hands on experience in the Promotional Products Industry and resides in Bend, Oregon


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