Expo 2016: From The Breakroom To The Boardroom: Everyone Plays A Role In Sales

Join Ryan Sauers for this session on how everyone plays a role in sales. In this session attendees will learn that no matter what title they have in their company, they are in sales. Every encounter in life involves communication; thus, the concept of sales is reframed to communication. This means we are all in sales. Sales (when done right) is about a two-way dialogue with another person built on trust. There are no shortcuts, gimmicks or tricks. Instead, sales is built upon a PACT mindset (Passion, Authenticity, Creativity and Trust). This session will explain how we must adapt our own preferred styles of communicating to meet another

Ryan Sauers, MS, CME

President of Sauers Consulting Strategies

Ryan T. Sauers is President of Sauers Consulting Strategies. The firm consults with the front end of printing, promotional products, and related organizations across North America. Key focus areas include: sales growth, brand positioning, organizational strategy, and integrated marketing (emphasis on social media). Ryan is a national speaker and writes feature articles in global publications and blogs. His blog on the Printing Impressions website is named Perception IS Reality and blog on the Print and Promo website is titled Leaders Look Up. Sauers is an adjunct university professor teaching leadership, communication, and entrepreneurship to business leaders. Ryan is a Certified Myers Briggs and DiSC Practitioner as well as a Certified Marketing Executive. Sauers is author of the best-selling books Everyone is in Sales and Would You Buy from You?


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