Expo 2016: Strategic Planning For Companies Big And Small

Join Claudia St. John in the session Expo 2016: Strategic Planning For Companies Big And Small. Many small companies were started by individuals who pursued an opportunity and built a business out of chance. Chance itself defines much of what small and large companies respond to, but in a true game of chance, you win as often as you lose. Running a business should be more sound than that. Explore the purpose behind the planning and components of strategic planning, as well as tools for individuals to use when conducting their own strategic planning activities.

Claudia St John, SHRM-SCP,SPHR

President of Affinity HR Group, LLC

Claudia St. John, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, is the founder and president of Affinity HR Group, Inc., a national human resources and management consulting firm specializing in hiring and recruiting, HR compliance and employee engagement. Affinity HR Group is PPAI’s endorsed HR partner and resource.  As a consultant and frequent speaker, St. John has given hundreds of presentations and workshops on such topics as how to recruit like a pro, common management mistakes, employee engagement and multi-generational workplace challenges. She is the author of the Amazon bestselling book Transforming Teams – tips for improving collaboration and building trust.  Her weekly HR Minute emails and monthly articles are followed by thousands of business leaders nationwide. 


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