Expo 2019: Tackling The Age Of Transparency

Recorded On: 01/14/2019

The global trend of supply chain transparency is rapidly changing the landscape for the promotional product industry. An increasingly transparent world in combination with growing customer expectations and preferences for authentic brands, is highlighting an important area in our industry that we need to be educated on. During this session, we will look closely at potential risks that have arisen as a result and share frameworks that will empower industry professionals to proactively respond to new regulations and requirements and ensure that they are able to transform this potential risk into an opportunity for their business.

Henrik Johansson


Henrik Johansson is the CEO & co-founder of Boundless. A serial entrepreneur, Johansson quest is innovation through technology-enabled services. At Boundless, he has spearheaded innovation in marketing spend management through the development of the Boundless Brand Portal, which to date has five approved patents. Most recently the team has evolved the Boundless platform to enable the industry’s first fully-transparent catalog at the product level. Prior to Boundless, Henrik served as the president of Everydaywealth, an online financial services company, and was also the and President of creditland, an online credit and lending marketplace. Prior to entrepreneurship, Johansson was a management consultant with Andersen Consulting in the U.S. and abroad.


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Recorded 01/14/2019
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