Expo East 2016: 3D Printing And The Promotional Products Industry

Join Joe Scott for this session on 3D printing basics. Most people have heard about 3D Printing and its applications in the fields of medicine, manufacturing, and aerospace. What about the promotional products industry? This session will explain common technologies, what to look for when buying a 3D printer, how it is used in the promotional products industry, and how to justify the cost of a 3D printer investment. This session will also include a demonstration of a 3D printer.

Joseph Scott


Joseph Scott co-founded Scott & Associates, Inc. with his wife Katie in 1993. Second generation joined company in 2009. Selling Principal: $25 million + in career Promotional Products sales. Joe has transitioned his Distributorship into an Agency that gets paid for their time and the results that they generate for their clients. He makes his living selling Promotional Products and Advertising Services. Public Speaking is a fun, side-business.


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