Expo East 2016: Using Artwork And Promotional Products To Expand Your Business

Business can be cutthroat in today's market, and trying to stay ahead of your competitors can be daunting but necessary to stay alive. Many businesses today are branching out into other areas in order to generate additional income. Dane Clement will share his ideas on things that you can do to expand your business and help it grow.

Clement will explain why providing sample products decorated with the type of artwork that you can create will help your customers realize what other options they have available, which will bring them back to you and increase your sales. Clement will also show you how to get more out of your artwork, help you think outside the box and help you see artwork in different ways to help you expand your offerings to your clients, which will help you step ahead of your competition and drive customers to your door.

Dane Clement

President of Great Dane Graphics

Dane Clement is president of Great Dane Graphics (a GroupeSTAHL company), whose primary focus is creating quality artwork and training materials for the decorated apparel industry. He also serves as the vice president of creative for GroupeSTAHL. Clement has been speaking and writing for the decorated apparel industry since 2000. He is considered an expert on computer graphics and color separations for textile screen printing, dye sublimation, digital direct-to-garment, and heat-applied graphics. He is the author of T-Shirt Artwork Simplified, a how-to-book on creating artwork for decorating apparel in Adobe and Corel formats.


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