Expo East 2018: Philanthropic Program: Generating Sales and Client Loyalty

Recorded On: 06/13/2018

As the buying age of clients continues to drop, it is important to know how to connect and engage with our clients. Research shows that emotional attachment and enjoyment are a necessity for younger generations. Understanding how younger clients are buying gives us the opportunity to create amazing programs that not only help us connect to our clients but separate us from the competition and allow us to help those around us. We have an amazing opportunity as a young talented group of individuals to use our skills and resources to help change the world, even with a sale of a simple pen.

Stephen McFadden, CAS


Stephen McFadden is president for Perfect Promotions & More, Inc and also the 2020 SPARK Work Group Chair. Skilled in creative sales programs, current trend identification, and networking, McFadden believes in a Give, Give, Give, Ask mentality.


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Recorded 06/13/2018
Recorded 06/13/2018
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