Master Advertising Specialist + (MAS+) Certification Project Proposal Application

MAS+ application approval verifies a project idea; however, full project submission and subsequent review is required and will determine if your project fulfills all Master Advertising Specialist Plus (MAS+) certification requirements. 

Certification will be added to your transcript after successful approval of your MAS+ Project Proposal and the completion of the project within 12 months of the application approval date.


MAS+ Project Application
7 Questions
7 Questions PPAI agrees to maintain the confidential nature of any confidential information that may be submitted with the MAS+ project. Except where required by law, or unless disclosure is permitted by Candidate, PPAI agrees to not disclose confidential information contained in the submitted MAS+ project to anyone other than representatives of PPAI having a need to know, which includes PPAI’s MAS+ Project Graders having official duties and responsibilities for PPAI.
Resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae)
Graded as Pass/Fail
Graded as Pass/Fail Please provide your resume or CV in word or PDF format. Please include your relevant promotional products industry experience including the name of the company, positions held, employment dates, and a company website.
MAS+ Project Summary Proposal
Graded as Pass/Fail
Graded as Pass/Fail Please provide a 500-word maximum summary of the MAS+ project idea to be proposed: a. This summary should be included in the submitted application materials as a separate formal document in a word or PDF format. b. Reference the MAS+ Certification Program document (section titled Project Eligibility Criteria) for specified information on eligible project submission qualifications.