NALC 2017: Growing Your Business With Shareable Content

How do you grow your organization when there are so many competing voices in your industry? How do you stand out, rise above the noise and get your organization’s voice heard online so that you can attract more consumers or promote your communications objectives? Jonathan Perelman shares the tactics and mindset that propelled BuzzFeed into one of the fastest-growing cultural phenomena on the internet, being read by more than 40 million viewers a month (including the President of the United States). Pulling from his extensive experience at two of the world’s most influential brands, BuzzFeed and Google, Perelman discusses how the companies have grown by using branded content and telling stories in a memorable way. With the goal of generating word-of-mouth marketing at internet scale, Perelman believes that “content is king but distribution is queen—and she wears the pants.” He shows audiences how to approach different forms of content on different platforms and offers tips for creating shareable, social content and determining whether your organization’s marketing is reaching the right people and triggering the right emotions. Most importantly, he shows audiences how to turn these tactics into growth generators for their organizations.

Jonathan Perelman


How do you stand out, rise above the noise, and get your organization’s voice heard online? Having successfully guided the growth of digital businesses his entire career, Jonathan Perelman – former executive at BuzzFeed and Google – knows how to do it right. Perelman believes that “content is king but distribution is queen – and she wears the pants.” Pulling from his extensive experience at some of the world’s most successful and influential brands, he shows audiences how to tell their story in a genuine, authentic, and meaningful way that generates word of mouth marketing at internet scale.  As the former vice president of BuzzFeed motion pictures, Perelman was critical to its transformation into one of the internet’s biggest – and most effective – producers of video content. He led the creation of 75 original videos a week that resulted in 1.5 billion monthly views. Before that, he developed more than 20 partnerships with major global social platforms as the vice president of agency strategy and industry development. He was instrumental in the company’s advertising efforts that famously omitted display ads and used only carefully crafted sponsored content – creating a new model for successful consumer engagement. Before BuzzFeed, Perelman spent more than six years at Google as the global lead for industry relations. He is also the founder of Lighthouse Group, an independent media firm. Perelman is renowned for his expertise. He was VideoInk’s “Dealmaker of the Year,” and AdWeek named him one of its 2014 “Top 50 Real Movers and Shakers Behind the World’s Top Brands” and one of its 2013 “Top 50 Executives Making the Wheels Turn.” In 2015, Billboard named him to it’s inaugural list of “Digital Power Players,” and Como listed him as one of the “Top 5 behind the Scenes Tech Talent.” He also won Google’s 2011 OC Award, the second highest award given for “substantial contributions to company,” and 12 Peer Bonus Awards for excellence.


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