NALC 2017: Influencing Across Generations: From Ties To Tattoos

Ever feel like you just don’t get those younger, or older, people you live and work near? Do you ever find yourself challenged when trying to connect with certain people? Teri Hill discusses how with four distinct generations interacting in everyday life, we live in unprecedented times. Each generation is motivated differently, has preferences in how to communicate and dress and which rules to abide by, and in the workplace, how management should treat them. Understanding these dynamics can make communicating, building relationships, holding others accountable and delivering results much easier. Join Teri Hill for this interactive session to gain a better understanding of the strengths and challenges inherent in working in these wonderfully diverse times. Most importantly, find out how you can be more aware, adjust as needed, and influence all generations to thrive, catapulting from generation clashing to collaboration.

Teri Hill, M.Ed.


Teri Hill, M.Ed. president of T.H. Enterprise has been speaking, consulting, and coaching for over 25 years.   She has led in the facilitation of global executive education for Fortune 50 companies, trained and coached 100’s of leaders, entrepreneurs and rising stars.  A former executive, Teri understands the challenges in hiring, retaining, and leading people. Teri’s passion is balanced between speaking to educate and inspire, coaching to fast track development, and consulting to facilitate the profitable growth of small to mid-size business, the backbone of America. Teri is a trusted advisor and expert speaker for Vistage, the world’s leading Chief Executive Association and the former Chief Facilitator for WestLake Chamber Accelerated Leadership Program. She has held numerous professional boards of director positions, just having finished as President of Austin’s National Speakers Association. She has a BA in Psychology and Masters from UT in Organizational Development & Leadership. She is an executive coach with Center for Creative Leadership.


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Recorded 08/13/2017
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