NALC 2017: Strategic Foresight: The Art And Science Of Looking Into The Future For Business Advantage

Join Seth Kahan as he describes how organizations can proactively prepare for the future, positioning themselves for success. Kahan will identify methods for gathering and assessing emerging trends for competitive advantage by providing a Strategic Foresight framework that covers building your own “brain trust,” properly scoping the effort to benefit your business, activities that collect relevant information, and processes for both analyzing and applying what you learn. Gain practical tactics for generating insight into influential business trends, projecting how they might affect your organization, and learn how to leverage trends to position your organization for a favorable or superior business position in tomorrow's market, both in the short and medium term.

Seth Kahan


Seth Kahan has worked with leaders of world-class organizations since 1996. He has provided insight and assistance to the president of the World Bank, the director of the Peace Corps and senior managers at Royal Dutch Shell as well as over 100 nonprofit CEOs. His work focuses on strategic innovation and leading change. He is the author of the business bestseller, Getting Change Right, and, Getting Innovation Right. He worked with the PPAI board of directors in 2016 to create the most recent strategic plan and has been working in 2017 to assist PPAI's senior staff and volunteer leaders to develop strategic foresight they can put to work helping members get ahead in today's disruptive and complex marketplace. Every Thursday he publishes the video blog,


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Recorded 08/13/2017
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