PPAI PromoTalks Presents: “The Exponential Effect Of Volunteerism”

In this new episode, the PPAI PromoTalks podcast welcomes distinguished guests to discuss, "PPB Presents: The Exponential Effect Of Volunteerism.” Director of publications and editor at PPAI, Tina Berres Filipski, moderates this conversation with PPAI’s 2021 Distinguished Service Award recipient Mark Abels, MAS, CEO and owner of Selco; and the 2020 Distinguished Service Award recipients Kippie Helzel, MAS, and Rick Brenner, MAS+, president of RFBrenner, LLC.
In this almost 40-minute chat, Abels, Helzel and Brenner discuss how industry volunteerism helped them hone their leadership skills and expand their networks to be better leaders in their own businesses and, in turn, to share that expertise by mentoring others.
This podcast is sponsored by Kaeser & Blair.

Mark Abels

CEO and Owner


Kippie Helzel

Rick Brenner


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