PPB Presents Podcast: Why Video, Why Now? The Basics You Need To Get Started

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In this brand-new episode, PPB Presents: Why Video, Why Now? The Basics You Need To Get Started with our experts, Brady Peterson, owner of Scout Creative Media, a PPAI member company, and Josh Eaton, owner of Media Grabbers. With nearly all non-essential workers under shelter-in-place mandates to prevent the spread of coronavirus, businesses are looking for ways to remain visible to their clients. Video remains one of the most engaging media for marketing because it creates deep connections and illicit strong emotional responses that make people want to share, like or comment. Video is memorable. It grabs people's attention, keeps your brand top of mind and increases your visibility. In this podcast, you’ll learn how to create great videos to market your company, products or services—even if you’ve never done it before. 


Brady Peterson

Writer, Producer and Director

Brady Peterson is a writer, producer and director with more than 4,000 credits to his name. Prior to founding Scout Creative Media in 2007, he was the creative director for one of the largest advertising agencies in the Western U.S. Josh Eaton founded Media Grabbers Inc, a leading production studio, in 2003. Media Grabber's eye-catching content can be seen on screens large and small, ranging from billboards in Times Square to a social media feeds.


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PPB Presents: Why Video, Why Now? The Basics You Need To Get Started Podcast
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