Product Responsibility Summit 2017:What's The Real Story Behind Factory Audits?

What is involved in performing social and safety audits? How do you make corrective actions stick? This panel of experienced auditors, Andy Church, David Feig, Andre Reich, and Bobby Yu, will share their secrets.  This session qualifies as an "elective" under the Product Safety Aware Program.

David Feig (Moderator)

Senior Key Account Manager

David Feig is a 45 year veteran of the global supply chain.  He spent 37 years functioning as a foreign buying agent, specializing in apparel. He spent much of that career traveling and sourcing on behalf of brands and retail clients throughout Asia, with a short stint sourcing from South America.

For the past eight years, Mr. Feig has served in his current role as a senior key account manager at Asiainspection, Ltd (AI), performing supplier audit programs, product inspections and lab testing. AI is a global quality control and compliance service provider that partners with brands, retailers and importers around the world to secure, manage and optimize their global supply chain.

Andy Church


Andy Church founded Insight Quality in 2014 after 12 years living in Shenzhen, China and working in the quality assurance testing and supply chain support industry. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas with Chinese operations in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Yiwu, and Qingdao, Insight provides companies sourcing in Asia with a well-supported team that can take care of overseas sourcing and quality inspection needs.  Whether it’s a short-term emergency or a long-term QA strategy, Andy and his team can serve as your boots on the ground and partner in Asia. He has over 20 years of experience with the ins and outs of product development, manufacturing, social accountability, and quality assurance. 

Andrew Reich


Andrew Reich has been living in China and working in the field of quality control for over 16 years.  After managing a sourcing office for major promotional products player, Lapine, Andrew went on to start his own quality control firm, InTouch Services, which focuses on product inspection and factory auditing.  

In 2012, Andrew co-founded China Manufacturing Consultants, also based in China, that works with factories to reduce costs and improve quality, through consulting, good management, and lean manufacturing techniques.  While a more Chinese client-base has been challenging at times, this new company continues to grow, and has brought with it the great experiences of working with manufacturing gurus in fields such as automotive, electronics, and other areas.  Most recently, Andrew has been working with private equity in both the US and Australia on a new initiative that will purchase under performing factories in China and turn them around.  

Bobby Yu

Quality Auditor

Bobby Yu has fifteen years of experience in quality management and social auditing of factories throughout China and Asia. Beginning in 1998, Mr. Yu worked as a quality assurance manager for PREL, the exclusive worldwide agent for Wal-Mart Global Procerument. In 2002, he was hired directly by Wal-Mart Global Procurement, where he worked side by side with Dee Fenton in creating the Wal-Mart quality auditing program. In 2008, Mr.Yu founded his own company, SPLD Consulting, headquartered in Hong Kong, which specializes in quality inspection (20%), social audits (50%) and consulting (30%). Since 2008, SPLD has serviced more than 1,000 factories, conducting 600 audits and 500 inspections each year and has significant experience working with PPAI suppliers in the promotional industry. 

Mr. Yu holds an MBA degree from Tong Ji University in Shanghai City. He and his wife have two children and live in Shenzhen.


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