SAGE Show 2017: How To Start A Project: The 5 Step Process For Distributors And Suppliers

Suppliers are often kept an arm’s distance away from the end user. How can you expect them to provide the best product for each unique project? Adam Walterscheid presents a simple five step Q&A process for all distributors and suppliers will help bridge that gap and keep your opportunities headed in the right direction.

Adam Walterscheid

President and CEO

Adam Walterscheid is president and CEO of T-Shirt Tycoon Solutions, a Dallas, Texas-based supplier and screen printer of custom apparel. Prior to founding T-Shirt Tycoon, Walterscheid founded PXP Solutions. He was one of the first screen printers in the U.S. to introduce soft-hand water-base/discharge printing to corporate markets.

Walterscheid is author and presenter of “The Basic Language of Screen Printing 101,” a  certified curriculum for designer and retail buyers working with retailer JCPenney. Additionally, he has served as a speaker for distributors Staples Promotional Products, Jack Nadel, Inc., Axis Promotions and Harvey-Daco.



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Recorded 08/30/2017
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