Tech Summit 2016: Hands on Promostandards Web Services For Suppliers

Recorded On: 08/31/2016

Live demonstration of building a web service by a supplier using PromoStandards. Highly interactive session with Eric Alessi and Paul Fleischman. At the end of the session, it will be demonstrated how it was once built for one distributor, and now the supplier is integrated with other distributors.

Eric Alessi

Essent Corporation, President & CEO

Eric has been the President and CEO of the Essent Corporation since 1989.

Paul Fleischman

Technical Lead

Paul Fleischman is the Technical Lead at Polyconcept North America.

Stephen Luisser

VP of Research

Stephen Luisser has been the Vice President at Essent Corporation since 1993.


1 Point

· Eric Alessi (Essent Corporation)

· Paul Fleischman (Polyconcept)

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