WLC 2018: Who Are You?!

Recorded On: 06/25/2018

You are always building a brand whether you know it or not. Your interactions, both online and in person, are shaping the way people see you with every picture you post, comment you make and word you speak. This brand affects you personally and professionally, and the company with which you are associated. So, who are you? What does your brand say about you? Is your personal brand a help or a hinder to the business you represent? If you don't know the answer to these questions, it's time to join Charity Gibson for this session and it's time to take an inventory of brand YOU.

Charity Gibson

National Account Coordinator

Charity Gibson spent 16 years as a distributor prior to founding green banana social, an industry social media consultancy, and eventually moving to the supplier side of the industry. She is currently the National Account Coordinator for Peerless, and editor for the well known industry 501c3 non-profit, PromoKitchen.

Charity has counter intuitive thinking and marketplace disruption hard-coded into her dna. In addition, she has been gifted with unparalled creativity, a keen eye for eye-catching design, and a personality that has been described as both playful and magnetic. With these skills as a foundation, and creative marketing strategies that include leveraging both traditional and digital mediums, Charity has built a reputation as a tech savvy promotional marketing powerhouse.


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Recorded 06/25/2018
Recorded 06/25/2018
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