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    Industry Service Credits are defined as volunteer service you provide on behalf of the promotional products industry. This can mean serving on a Regional Association Committee, PPAI Committee or Board, presenting a program at your local Chamber of Commerce, present a session pro-bono at a PPAI event or webinar. See the Industry Request Form online for other opportunities and to request this credit be applied to your transcript.

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    In order to get credit for a non-PPAI education session please complete this form. This application can be used for the book/audio recording/third-party individual education courses/session(s). Entire conferences/business seminars, etc., which offer multiple sessions for which separate credit is requested, must be submitted for review by individual session. Please note this is non-refundable once the review request is submitted to PPAI.

Application Forms

PPAI offers multiple professional certificate and certification programs for all stages of your career. The PPAI Certification Program is an all-inclusive industry-wide program and does not require membership with PPAI. 

  • ​Your hard-earned CAS or MAS Certification requires recertification every three years in order to remain valid. You must submit the application in order for your request to be processed. • CAS designees must continue to keep their CAS Certification current by completing 30 CAS or MAS level educational credits s over three years • MAS designees must continue to keep their MAS Certification current by completing 30 additional CAS or MAS level educational credits over three years

  • The PPAI Fast Track Program is for professionals with 3+ years of verifiable industry experience who have also met additional criteria. By "waiving" certain TAS certificate requirements, you now have the ability to achieve your certificate more quickly. The Fast Track TAS waives the TAS course requirements and opens all quizzes for immediate testing.

  • Thank you for your continued support of your industry certification. Life Certification allows individuals to qualify for exemption from recertification requirements for their MAS or CAS Certification by meeting certain specified criteria.