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Content focused on discussions around diversity and inclusion in the industry. 

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  • 10 Tips for New Managers 

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered Includes a Live Event on 12/05/2018 at 2:00 PM (EST)

    Without question, managing people is one of the most challenging professional experiences. While some people are born with great management skills, others must learn them. From conducting critical conversations to providing feedback, and from documenting interactions to conducting safe terminations, this session provides some golden nuggets for professionals looking to develop new management skills or for seasoned managers who just want a refresher. Learn to recognize common management pitfalls and how to avoid them; learn new communication skills and techniques, and understand how to safely and effectively manage a diverse workforce.

  • Grow Your Sales With ADA-Compliant Products!

    Contains 3 Component(s), 0.50 credits offered Recorded On: 11/14/2018

    Although 56 million Americans are currently living with disabilities, ADA-compliant braille products remain a largely untapped market in the promotional products industry. When the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted 28 years ago, the act reaffirmed our nation’s commitment to ensuring that people with disabilities have the right to live, work, and fully participate in the community alongside their fellow citizens. Join us to learn about ADA compliance, braille products, and simple questions you can ask to uncover these opportunities within your client base!

  • Cultural Diversity And Its Impact On Today's Industry Trends

    Contains 4 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered Recorded On: 10/24/2018

    Join Vicki Ostrom and Julie Kwan as they discuss current trends and cultural diversity, how they influence each other, what it means for the promo industry, and what you can do to stay relevant.

  • SPARK 2018: Hustle Lifestyle

    Contains 4 Component(s), 0.50 credits offered Recorded On: 08/24/2018

    Join Robbie Goldsmith for this 30-minute session, during which he will share how he hustled his way through his ‘20s, and built two companies worth over $1 million dollars by employing 10 Millennials. In this session, attendees will learn how to start from zero, how to manage Millennials, and how to work smarter.

  • SAGE Show 2018: Implicit (Unconscious) Bias Overview

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered

    Implicit bias refers to attitudes and stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions and decisions in an unconscious—often negative—manner. These biases are activated involuntarily and without our awareness or intentional control. We’ve all heard people say: “that’s not me;” “that’s not who I am;” “I would never do something like that.” But evidence shows that this is who we are, albeit unintentionally. The fact that these biases are unconscious makes it all the more challenging to overcome them. Join Dr. Riley Harvill for this session as he discusses how to overcome implicit bias, including first steps such as stereotype replacement, individuation, perspective taking and contact.

  • NALC 2018: Culture Is More Than A Ping Pong Table

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered Recorded On: 08/14/2018

    The buzz around great corporate culture is more acute than ever, yet it remains elusive for some. So how is it achieved? It’s not as simple as putting ping pong tables in the lunchroom, providing bean bag chairs, and supplying your staff with free snacks. Great culture stems from leadership—plain and simple. Beliefs and values are the core of your company and enforcing them is key. Chris Sinclair will share his leadership experiences and the importance of transparency, which has allowed him and his business partner to grow Brand Blvd, a successful company with an award winning culture.

  • NALC 2018: Rising Star Panel

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered Recorded On: 08/13/2018

    Join the 2018 PPAI Rising Stars in this interactive session. We'll discuss what it is like to work in the Promotional Products Industry, how to recruit the next generation and much more.

  • The ARTS Of Diversity And Inclusion In The Promo Products Industry

    Contains 4 Component(s), 0.50 credits offered Recorded On: 08/08/2018

    To grow your business and stay relevant with today’s culture, your strategy should include building and fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce. What does it take to do this? It takes the ARTS of Diversityand Inclusion! Join Julie Kwan as she discusses strategies for Attracting, Recruiting, Training, and Sustaining (ARTS) a diverse and inclusive workforce.

  • SPARK 2018: Be The Culture Change You Wish To See

    Contains 4 Component(s), 0.50 credits offered Recorded On: 08/08/2018

    In this short session, Jessica Gibbons-Rauch, CAS will explain through case studies how to help push the industry through company culture change for the next generation.

  • Take A Step Toward Diversity

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 07/27/2018

    In this podcast, Julie Kwan and Brittany David, CAS, discuss the definition of diversity, how it benefits the workplace and how promotional products companies can take the first step toward fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. Diversity starts by taking one step, which leads to the next step, then the next, and so on.

  • Millennials: Attract, Engage, Retain

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered Recorded On: 06/07/2016

    The Millennial generation became the workforce majority in early 2015. In just a few short years this generation will make up the largest working majority in history. Learn how the Millennial generation operates within the modern market and how you and your business can better prepare for these changing economics.

  • Expo 2016: Millennials: Maximizing Value To Your Organization Right Now

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered

    In this interactive session, connect directly with industry millennials about what they can do to step up and be leaders within their companies right now. The Millennial generation holds the key to future success within the industry. The knowledge and insight held by this group can increase company ROI and maximize industry awareness to the younger consumer market. Learn how to identify, vocalize, implement, and integrate the hidden talents and tools that your managers may not be aware of. You know what you are capable of; learn how to maximize your potential.

  • Expo 2016: Millennials In The Workplace: Tips For Managing Your Multi-generational Workforce

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered

    Times are changing. Older workers (Traditional and Baby Boomers) are delaying their retirement just as Millennial workers are entering the workforce. Multi-generational workplaces are enriching, dynamic and often fraught with conflict and challenge. This session explores the basic differences and similarities between each generational group and offers ideas on how to improve collaboration and teamwork.