New To The Promotional Products Industry Certificate Programs

If you currently work in the promotional products industry please start with our Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS) certificate. The TAS Certificate is a PPAI Professional Development initiative aimed at providing promotional products professionals with less than three years of industry experience an avenue for earning a certificate of completion, which is aligned with their entry-level experience and educational achievement. The TAS Certificate is required prior to starting the Certified Advertising Specialist(CAS) Certification program.

For additional content beyond the TAS certificate please select our New To The Industry Electives sessions.


Applicants must have a current login (registered email address and password) in order to be eligible for access to the TAS Certificate program. 

If you need assistance with your account please contact your Member Care Representative or 888-426-7724 x 3218 (M-F 8:30 am - 5 pm CST).


Trained Advertising Specialist Courses

The PPAI Certification Program Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS) certificate is a PPAI Professional Development initiative aimed at providing promotional products professionals, who are new to the industry, a source for answers and knowledge about the industry.

Program Requirements The Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS) Certificate program is an earned certificate comprised of the following elements:

  • Serve in a position with a promotional products company
  • Pay TAS program fee
  • Complete education credits from our TAS Certificate program
  • Verify your credits by accessing your Certification Transcript
  • Submit TAS Review Form
  • Issued TAS certificate


  • Possess a current UPIC login (registered email address and password)
  • Presently serving in a position with a promotional products company
  • Complete the TAS Certificate program


There are no recertification requirements. This is a certificate of completion, NOT a certification.


Upon completion of the Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS) program, the candidate will receive a link to print their TAS certificate of completion.

TAS Application Fees Item: PPAI Member Fee $25 / PPAI Associate Fee $50

Young Professionals

If you are a young professional in the promo industry, please check out our SPARK program for content that is designed for and by young professionals and keep the conversation going on the SPARK Promo Connect discussion board. SPARK’s targeted education, community service projects and networking opportunities help young professionals in the promotional products industry further their careers while engaging with, and learning from their peers.