Strategic Foresight


 Strategic Foresight contains content that is related to the future of our industry and business. 

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  • WLC 2018: State of the Industry

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered Recorded On: 06/25/2018

    Dale Denham, MAS+, Charirman of the Board of PPAI will present State of the Industry update covering the current and key issues and opportunities facing the promotional products industry and the association.

  • Best of The PPAI Expo 2018: The Changing Landscape Of The Promotional Products Industry

    Contains 4 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered Recorded On: 03/23/2018

    Join Larry Cohen for this session on the industry's changing landscape. What does the future hold for the promotional products industry? A convergence of factors—changing demographics, shifting consumer behaviors, new technologies—is transforming industries and redefining competitive advantage. The pace of change is only accelerating and will undoubtedly require businesses to adapt to a new and different landscape. Come hear about the trends that are likely to influence and reshape our industry in the coming years, and prepare your business for the changes ahead.

  • Tech Summit 2017: An Integrated Industry

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered

    The industry is on the verge of an integration breakout; some may call it an arms race. We all hope that the future of the Promotional Products Industry is a utopian integrated industry where suppliers, distributors and service providers seamlessly exchange meaningful data. This panel focuses on where we are now, where we need to be and how we can get there. Join panelist: Eric Shonebarger, CIO Hit Promotional Products, Eric Natinsky CEO SAGE, Eric Alessi, CEO Essent, Dan Kroymann, Director Information Technology, Staples Promotional Products. Moderated by Jon Norris, VP of Operations, Starline.

  • Tech Summit 2017: Creating A Technology Road Map

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered

    As leaders, we are frequently challenged to balance our tactical responsibilities with our strategic ones. Our days get swallowed up in a never-ending cycle of reacting to the immediate problems and short term needs of our business. If we can make time to do strategic work, what should we do with that time? Building a Technology Strategy Roadmap enables you to have strategic conversations with your business partners about what their plans are and enables you to determine how technology will support them for the next 3-5 years. During this session, we’ll go through the most common steps IT leaders take to engage with their business partners to define and document a Technology Strategy Roadmap.

  • NALC 2017: Strategic Foresight: The Art And Science Of Looking Into The Future For Business Advantage

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered

    Join Seth Kahan as he describes how organizations can proactively prepare for the future, positioning themselves for success. Kahan will identify methods for gathering and assessing emerging trends for competitive advantage by providing a Strategic Foresight framework that covers building your own “brain trust,” properly scoping the effort to benefit your business, activities that collect relevant information, and processes for both analyzing and applying what you learn. Gain practical tactics for generating insight into influential business trends, projecting how they might affect your organization, and learn how to leverage trends to position your organization for a favorable or superior business position in tomorrow's market, both in the short and medium term.

  • NALC 2017: Putting Strategic Foresight To Work In Your Organization

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered

    Seth Kahan will lead you through hands-on application of Strategic Foresight, applying it directly to your organization. He will provide tools you can put to work to identify disruptions and emerging trends, show you how to scale these tools to fit your budget and scope, and work with you to target them where it makes the most sense for you. Hand-outs and techniques will be shared. Kahan will work with participants to understand what they can do immediately, how to create short term wins, what success looks like and how to ensure you continuously stay abreast of emerging trends you can exploit for your business benefit.

  • Expo 2016: Strategic Planning For Companies Big And Small

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered

    Many small companies were started by individuals who pursued an opportunity and built a business out of chance. Chance itself defines much of what small and large companies respond to, but in a true game of chance, you win as often as you lose. Running a business should be more sound than that. Explore the purpose behind the planning and components of strategic planning, as well as tools for individuals to use when conducting their own strategic planning activities.

  • NALC 2015: How Has The Music Industry Been Impacted By Technology

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.50 credits offered

    How the music has been impacted by technology and how the promotional products industry is similarly effected.

  • WLC 2015: "Strategic Planning" To Win!

    Contains 3 Component(s), 1.00 credit offered Recorded On: 08/18/2015

    Join Anita Emoff in Strategic Planning To Win! In today’s business world, “it’s not enough to do more of the same in the future and expect to succeed”. Planning strategically pulls the entire organization together around a single game plan for execution. It helps to establish what you will accomplish in the future and forces you to make choices on what you will do and what you will not do as an enterprise. In this session, gain understanding of why it is important to have a strategic plan, how to create your plan, execute your plan and stay on track for success!