Themed Content Series

Each of these series contain curated content. Once you have registered for the series you will automatically be registered for each of the additional sessions and you'll be able to watch them from the My Learning tab on the left of your menu. Each session will allow you to earn educational credits that will go towards your industry certifications after you have completed each of the session surveys. 

  • New Manager Training Series

    This series is designed for staff who are new to managing a team and will provide best practices in leadership, overseeing sales staff, and how to coach your team. Sessions will include Sales Best Practices For New Promo Account Managers, Navigating Coaching: The Core of Management, Finding and Keeping Star Employees, 10 Tips For New Managers, and The ARTS of Diversity And Inclusion In The Promo Products Industry.

  • Marketing, Incentives And Beyond Series

    This webinar series will focus on marketing, incentives and beyond. Once you have registered for this package it will include the following sessions: Marketing The Day After Tomorrow, Future of Incentives and Recognition, Change the Game Incentives and Recognition, Increase Your Corporate Gift Business, Data & Marketing Where To Start, Uncovering Customer Experience Opportunities. This series of sessions are sponsored by Tango Card.

  • Small Business Best Practices Virtual Series

    This series will focus on small business best practices with actionable takeaway elements. Sessions will include the following sessions: Culture of Rebuilding, Small Business Virtual Session: People Leadership, Your Business Vaccine, How To Rehab Your Business To Be Profitable and Resilient, and Managing Your Finances In The Cloud With Quickbooks Online. During the live virtual sessions, participants are requested to turn on their webcams and their mics during the brainstorming activities and small group discussions throughout the session.

  • Getting Back To Business Series

    This webinar series will focus on what to focus on to get back to business. Participants will learn six areas to ensure your business is running smoothly, inexpensive ways to market during times of crisis, and business communication what to say and when to say it. In addition this session will include a mindfulness session to help ensure your mental health is on the checklist while getting back to business. The sessions included in this webinar series: How To Bounce Back After A Crisis & Get Back To Business, Inexpensive Ways To Market Your Business, Tactical Crisis Communications: Knowing What To Say And When To Say It, The Power of Mindfulness To Achieve Your Dreams, Considerations For Re-Opening Workplaces & COVID-19 Q&A.

  • Trade Show Supplier Best Practices Series

    This series of session includes best practices for trade shows. Sessions will include: 5 Parts of an Effective Post-Show Plan, The Exhibit Clinic: How To Get Better Results At Trade Shows, the Art of Trade Show Marketing: From Booth to Boothmanship: A How To Guide For Suppliers, Choosing Promotional Products For Trade Shows: Beyond Giving Out "Stuff".