CAS Dedicated Courses


The Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) Program requires the completion of all the CAS dedicated courses listed below. In addition, please select 25 elective education sessions from the column on the right to complete the online portion for the CAS Certification.

Please note you must have complete the Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS) certificate prior to starting the CAS. If you do not have your TAS please click here

  • Certified Advertising Specialist Package

    Contains 27 Product(s) 1 new product(s) added recently

    Get all your sessions registered in one-stop shopping style and complete at your own pace!

    Get all your sessions registered in one-stop shopping style and complete at your own pace! 

    Please complete all dedicated courses and their quizzes: You will have 3 attempts to pass each quiz. You must answer 4 out of 5 questions correctly. If you have not passed a quiz after 3 attempts, please contact

    Please note in order to start working on your CAS please make sure you have completed the TAS Certificate program first.

CAS Elective Courses

Once you have completed all of the CAS Required Courses from the left Column: 
  • Please select and complete 25 elective education credits in the CAS or MAS level. 
  • The CAS and MAS Level courses can be selected from the drop down menu listed below. 
Next steps
  • Re-certification every three years (by earning 25 additional CAS or MAS credits within the three years and submitting a Re-certification Application
For a full listing of the CAS Certification program criteria please visit

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  • SPARK 2019 Conference

    Contains 2 Component(s)

    Join us for the SPARK Conference July 17-19, 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina! SPARK is the industry's conference designed by young professionals for young professionals in the promotional products industry. SPARK delivers education and networking opportunities for 80 practitioners who are at the beginning stages of their careers in the promotional products industry. The conference’s programming focused on creating an educational event that has a positive impact on attendees, getting them to think creatively and helping them network and learn from their peers.

  • Trained Advertising Specialist Package

    Contains 6 Product(s)

    Education program targeted towards promotional products professionals with less than three years of industry experience. This program will provide an overview of the promotional products industry and will provide a foundation for people working within the industry.

  • Best of Expo 2019: In Brands We Trust

    Contains 3 Component(s), 0.5 credits offered Recorded On: 03/08/2019

    It’s no secret that having a great brand can give can give you a competitive edge when promoting your business in the marketplace. The real question is, how do distributors really build brands that are memorable, marketable and profitable? Join Johnny Campbell to discuss the four most profitable brand-building strategies that top distributors are using to attract the best clients and dominate their marketplace.

  • Courage To Change: An Enhanced Approach To PPAI’s Governance Structure

    Contains 4 Component(s), 1 credit offered Recorded On: 02/06/2019

    Market disruption, constant change and uncertainty challenge PPAI members and the promotional products industry. PPAI counts on its volunteer leaders, their diverse experiences and expertise to help us be nimble and succeed. To enhance its governance model and tap into the strengths of PPAI’s membership, new initiatives will be deployed in 2019 to expand the pool of leadership candidates and improve member experiences. In this webinar presented by Cathi Hight and Paul Bellantone, CAE, you’ll explore: 1. PPAI’s investment in strategic foresight and how it benefits members. 2. Four governance changes PPAI is deploying in 2019, why it matters and how it impacts you. 3. New leadership opportunities for PPAI members.

  • Best of Expo 2019: Safe Conversations: Dialogue That Transforms Workplace Culture

    Contains 4 Component(s), 1 credit offered

    Employee conflict is a reality in the workplace. When working relationships are strained, organizations experience lowered productivity, employee under performance and negative workplace culture. While conflict is inevitable, when workplaces engage in “safe conversations”—transformative dialogue that uncovers hidden workplace issues—concerns are identified, behaviors are addressed, and a positive workplace culture is established. Join Lorie Reichel-Howe to learn how to equip managers to foster greater innovation, inclusion and collaboration within their teams by learning skills to safely talk about issues that hinder the success of the people they lead.