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  • Recorded On: 11/03/2020

    In this week's episode of the PPAI PromoTalks podcast, "PPB Presents: “We’ve Sold PPE. What’s Next?" listeners will hear three distributor owners discuss how they were able to rethink what their customers need and find new avenues for sales. Director of publications and editor at PPAI, Tina Berres Filipski, moderates this conversation with guests Janie Gaunce, president and CEO at Grapevine Designs; Michael Emoff, chief vision officer at Shumsky, and Hillary Feder, MAS, founder of Hillary’s LLC. In this reflective 50-minute conversation, distributors discuss how their businesses have evolved in this new environment, the biggest challenges they’ve faced and the strategies they’ve implemented to keep sales moving. They also share the new business opportunities they see for 2021 and beyond as well as how they’ve worked with clients to restart their businesses.

  • Recorded On: 10/07/2020

    In this week's episode of the PPAI PromoTalks podcast, "PPB Presents Innovation: Why It’s Vital For A Thriving Business," experts discuss the power innovation has to transform a business and disrupt an industry. Director of publications and editor at PPAI Tina Berres Filipski moderates this conversation with special guests, Vicki Ostrom, trend editor at SanMar Corporation and author of the new trends blog, Trendependent, and Jason Lucash, senior vice president marketing and innovation at HPG Brands. In this forward-thinking 45-minute discussion, guests dive into how businesses can benefit from innovation, why innovation should be a priority and where inspiration can come from. Listeners will leave with actionable first steps to cultivate and encourage more innovation in their companies.

  • Recorded On: 10/01/2020

    In this week's episode of the PPAI PromoTalks podcast, "PPB Presents: The Dynamics That Are Changing Buyers’ Businesses," listeners will hear firsthand from buyers about what’s impacting their business and how they’re adapting in the COVID-19 era.In this eye-opening 54-minute conversation, buyers explore how they’ve adapted to this new environment, the biggest challenges they’ve faced and the future of their marketing programs. Listeners will get an inside look into the reality’s buyers face and gain new ideas on how to help buyers boost business with promotional products.

  • Recorded On: 07/14/2020

    In this episode, PPB Presents: A Look At Race And Diversity In The Promo Industry with special guests, Esmeralda Anaya, marketing manager at Terry Town, and Bryan James, co-owner of distributor Corporate Specialty Insignia, along with moderator Kristina Valdez, associate editor of PPB. In this thoughtful 50-minute episode, PromoTalks dives into the issues of race and diversity. Listen as guests share their experiences with everyday discrimination and offer their insights into how the industry can become more diverse.

  • Recorded On: 06/30/2020

    In this episode, PPB Presents: Women Of Achievement: A Conversation With Three Who’ve Inspired The Industry with special guests, Paula Shulman, CAS, president of PMS Consulting; Daryll Griffin, MAS, president and CEO of Accolades, Inc.; and Roni Wright, MAS, vice president of The Book Company, along with moderator Tina Berres Filipski, PPAI’s director of publications and editor. PromoTalks spoke with three trailblazing women in our industry who, through their successes, have paved the way for the next generation of industry women. Listen as these powerhouse leaders give advice, discuss navigating failures and hurdles, and share how they’ve seen the industry evolve.

  • Recorded On: 06/15/2020

    In this episode, PPB Presents: Company Re-branding – How To Get It Right with special guests, Anna Branch, marketing and brand strategist at Creative and Carson Roncketto, chief operating officer at Creative, along with moderator Tina Berres Filipski, editor of PPB Magazine. Are you excited about your brand? Listen as two experts discuss when it’s time to re-brand, how to spot the indicators of a much-needed revamp, the steps it takes to re-imagine your brand and how to know when you’ve got it right.

  • Recorded On: 05/21/2020

    In this episode, PPB Presents: Selling in a Post-Coronavirus World with special guests, Jeremy Lott, president of SanMar and Greg Muzzillo, founder of Proforma, along with moderator Paul Bellantone, CAE, president and CEO of PPAI. Listen as the conversation takes a deep dive into the challenges these owners and their businesses are facing, how the lockdown has affected their sales and teams, what their strategy has been over the past few months, their quick pivot to PPE, how sales practices have changed, the future for meetings between suppliers and distributors and where trade shows will fit into the mix, among other topics.

  • In this debut episode, you'll hear an explanation of what SPARK is, who attends and what we want to achieve with the Generation SPARK Podcast. Presenters include Stephen McFadden, CAS, Alicia Skipper, and Jody M. Shaw, CMP, PMP.

  • Recorded On: 04/21/2020

    ​In this episode, PPB presents Leadership In A New Reality with our guests, Jo-an Lantz, MAS, president and CEO of Geiger and Norm Hullinger, CAS, CEO of Alphabroder. Our moderator is Paul Bellantone, CAE, president and CEO of PPAI.

  • With nearly all non-essential workers under shelter-in-place mandates to prevent the spread of coronavirus, businesses are looking for ways to remain visible to their clients. Video remains one of the most engaging media for marketing because it creates deep connections and illicit strong emotional responses that make people want to share, like or comment. Video is memorable. It grabs people's attention, keeps your brand top of mind and increases your visibility. In this podcast, you’ll learn how to create great videos to market your company, products or services—even if you’ve never done it before.