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Content designed for participants with less than three years experience in the promotional products industry. 

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  • Creating A Change Agent Network Virtual Session Sponsored By SPARK 2020

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 10/27/2020

    The rate of change is higher today than ever before, people across all industries are finding themselves in change-saturated organizations. Add to that the pressure to achieve return on investment for projects and initiatives and it can fill overwhelming. What you need is a team to help understand how the change is perceived across the organization and industry, what people need and want to know, and where resistance to the change needs to be managed. You're also going to need to create help creating communications, coaching leaders and influencers on their next steps. This session with Carla Howard is designed for young professionals of the promo industry. Participants will network with peers while learning how to create a change agent network, why you need that network, and how to help lead change going forward. Leading change is hard—make it easier by building a change agent network!

  • Marketing The Day After Tomorrow

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 08/05/2020

    This webinar with Joel Schaffer, MAS, looks at marketing strategies for a “whole new world” as the current epidemic abates, and business reopens. Participants will learn how to identify new markets, how to prepare marketing tools, strategies for rebuilding your business. Participants will learn the foundations of relationship marketing and how to be a promotional consultant. This session is sponsored by Tango Card.

  • Basics Of Your Distributorship

    Contains 4 Component(s), Includes Credits

    New distributors: Are you trying to get a handle on your business? To achieve early success, it is essential to become familiar with the industry and learn how to work with all the players: suppliers, vendors and service providers. This workshop will feature the organizing principles of starting your business, including price codes, industry terminology and artwork issues. Additionally, attendees will discuss how to place orders and protect themselves from common order mistakes, what marketing and prospecting techniques work and how to tell the important difference between customers and clients.

  • Expo 2020: Avoiding Scams In 2020

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 01/12/2020

    The promotional products industry is under attack by a variety of scams headed by people intent on taking your money. Chris Morrissey will discuss the ongoing and growing threat that distributors and suppliers face, and provide you with the knowledge you need to identify and avoid current threats that could hurt you, your employees and even your customers. You will learn about red flags to watch out for and how to identify potential scams; how scammers are impersonating suppliers and distributors, and what that means for them; and how to be proactive with customers to help avoid possible scam issues that may arise.

  • Secret Weapons For The First Time Exhibitor

    Contains 4 Component(s), Includes Credits

    This webinar, led by Lisa DeJong, MAS, vice president of sales for Competitive Edge, will guide first-time exhibitors through The PPAI Expo experience, as seen through the eyes of a distributor sales rep. From understanding the alphabet soup of the industry pricing model to co-op advertising and marketing support, new suppliers will gain key insights to aid in successfully accessing the 20,000+ sales force of the promotional products industry. A few simple tips and tricks from the distributor perspective will go a long way in helping new suppliers navigate the overwhelming response they will receive as first-time Expo exhibitors.

  • Promo Industry and Pantone—What is Color?

    Contains 4 Component(s), Includes Credits

    What is color, and, more specifically, how is it used in the promotional products industry? This webinar discusses the ins and outs of our industry’s many imprint methods, basic color theory and the science behind color perception, and the best Pantone tools to achieve your client’s color throughout the production process.

  • Expo East 2019: Apparel Trends, Challenges & Opportunities For 2019

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits

    Be one step ahead by preparing for new products that will meet customers’ demands. Many factors influence the styles, colors, fabrics and materials that clients will request this year. This session with Colleen Hartigan will help you take advantage of every opportunity by sharing the newest trends, color pallets and exciting advancements in apparel technology. 2019 promises to be full of opportunities for apparel manufacturers, suppliers and decorators.

  • Get In Touch! Promotional Marketing: Trends. Technique. Tips.

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits

    In an era of digital everything, marketers everywhere are turning to promotional products to connect with clients and consumers to cultivate passionate brand advocates through brand experiences. Promotional products, the only medium invited into spaces and places other media can't touch, deliver the best reach, recall, response rates and return on investment for marketers and advertisers. This session will feature evidence-based strategies, proven tactics and a fresh perspective on promotional marketing, as well as trends and techniques marketers are using to create measurable brand experiences, build communities and earn the trust and loyalty of clients and consumers. Join Kim R. Todora, PPAI’s communications and branding strategist for this thought-provoking seminar.

  • Trained Advertising Specialist Package

    Contains 6 Product(s)

    Education program targeted towards promotional products professionals with less than three years of industry experience. This program will provide an overview of the promotional products industry and will provide a foundation for people working within the industry.

  • Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) Package

    Contains 27 Product(s)

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