Implicit or Unconscious Bias - Disrupting Everyday Bias

Implicit or unconscious bias refers to unintentional stereotypes and judgments (either positive or negative) we have toward certain groups of people, based on categories such as gender, race, class, interests they have, and a lot more. Every person has unconscious bias—it’s the way the human brain processes and categorizes vast amounts of information. Research from neurologist Sigmund Freud states that unconscious thoughts have the largest influences on human behavior. However, if left unchecked, unconscious biases can lead to unfair or discriminatory behavior with negative consequences. An understanding of unconscious bias is an invitation to a new level of engagement about diversity issues. 

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Karuna Thomas

Founder & CEO

Karuna Thomas Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Karuna Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Karuna Thomas Coaching and Consulting, LLC. As a dynamic leader with an extensive global portfolio, she specializes in Supply Chain, International Business, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I), Training and Development, and Professional Coaching. She holds a two-decade successful stint in the Foodservice industry, which includes the launch, development, and expansion of a US global restaurant brand in 35+ countries. She mobilized supplier operations in all five inhabited continents while orchestrating sustainable supply chain networks to scale. Karuna’s work earned her global recognition from the various stakeholders. Her journey into DE&I was organically embedded in her international role and ambassadorship, plus she holds multiple certifications in this domain. She has since been dedicating her global intelligence and cultural competence to conduct talks and workshops in various forums from Lean In, Power To Fly, Connect4Women, etc. on empowering women in the workplace, #IamRemarkable, volunteerism, and DE&I initiatives. In 2021, she officially stepped into the world of Consulting and Coaching, bringing a distinctive mix of real-life experiences, research, and practitioner expertise. She helps clients develop diversity,  inclusion, and equity dialogue starters, strategize proactive and inclusive workplace practices, foster culturally responsive organizational change, create employee resource groups, and more. Karuna also graduated from the distinctive ICF accredited coaching program as a Senior Certified Professional Coach and is incredibly passionate about coaching professional leaders and executives realize their goals. Her approach equips leaders develop a growth mindset, capitalize on their strengths, cultivate emotional and cultural intelligence, and uncover their ‘Thrive- Version’. She advocates that BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) are not just for organizations but also for leaders striving to make a difference. Karuna is a serial community builder, catalyzing societal change that supports children and women. She is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer advocating for the best interest of foster children. She also leads women-empowerment initiatives at Lean In North Dallas, is a certified #IamRemarkable Facilitator and an active member of Junior League of Collin County.


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