CAS: Powerful Objection Handling 

Recorded On: 06/11/2018

To be proactive rather than reactive is an essential focus in successfully managing objections, which is easier said than done. Why? Because being proactive requires anticipating potential negative reactions from our prospects while not compromising a positive mental attitude. The process starts with avoiding objections, and it requires great listening skills to recognize that the difference between a prospect sharing adverse previous experiences, and one truly opposing current recommendations. Join Diane Ciotta will explain the proven-successful technique with powerful methodologies to ensure successful progress through the sales cycle. In this session, participants will walk away with results oriented concepts including knowing the true “no,” categorizing objections, and overcoming opposition with benefits.

Diane Ciotta

Author, speaker and sales trainer

Diane Ciotta established Training Classics in 1989 as a sales refinement company committed to teaching integrity-based selling techniques. Since then, she has influenced thousands of sales professionals through her high-energy skills enhancement seminars, and has diversified her company as the Keynote Effect. Ciotta is the author of Shut-up & Sell!, and has contributed to numerous publications.


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Recorded 06/11/2018
Recorded 06/11/2018
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