CAS: Social Responsibility: Why Should We Care?

Recorded On: 09/13/2017

As corporate responsibility continues its rise in prevalence as a major factor in today’s business world, buyers and clients increasingly require their suppliers and business partners to put codes of conduct in place as a condition of doing business. Codes of conduct are an articulation of a company’s social compliance expectations at the factory level, regardless of whether those factories are owned or contracted by the company. Understanding why social responsibility is on the rise and why companies need codes of conduct can help you better navigate your social compliance-related business requirements and have more productive conversations with others within your company and with potential customers. During this hour-long session, Fair Labor Association staff, Heeral Coleman, will examine the evolving landscape and explore with you the reasons why you should develop a code of conduct and, more broadly, why your company should take a proactive approach to corporate responsibility. This session qualifies as a Product Safety Aware elective.

Marissa Morgan

Program Manager

Marissa is currently the Program Manager for Business Affiliates in the Americas at the Fair Labor Association, where she works on on-boarding and training with Participating Companies and Participating Suppliers based in the western hemisphere, and Category B licensees. Previously, she served as the FLA’s Licensee Program Manager, where she worked with collegiate licensees on building social compliance program. She holds an MA from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and a BA from Boston University.


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