CAS: Use Your Words: Communicating Effectively In A Noisy World

Recorded On: 06/11/2018

Join Scott Nussinow, MAS for this session as he focuses on different methods of communication (in person, phone, mail, fax, email, text, etc.) and how we may inadvertently hobble our own best efforts with words and punctuation, how our messages could end up being misunderstood, or worse. With best practices, real-world examples and anecdotal references, attendees will be engaged in sharing their experiences in a structured and sequential presentation that will illuminate how what we say isn’t necessarily what they hear.

Scott Nussinow, MAS

Executive Vice President

Scott A. Nussinow, MAS, is the executive vice president for industry services provider ArtworkServices USA. His experience includes serving in multiple senior-level positions for industry suppliers since 1977. A PPAI® Fellow, he served on the PPAI board of directors as well as on many Association committees. He also served on the executive board of the SAAGNY Foundation, the PPEF board, the YESAA/YEPPA boards, the CAS/MAS board and others. Nussinow has been an industry speaker for PPAI, as well as for regionals, and co-facilitated a PPAI President's Forum. He was on the Technology Task Force that lead to the creation of ePSA and served as a vice president for industry tech start-up iservcorp. 


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Recorded 06/11/2018
Recorded 06/11/2018
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