Decorating Trends: Embroidery, Applique And Laser Etch

Recorded On: 02/17/2016

Join Bruce Perryman, MAS+ for this session on decorating trends. This session will explain current trends, show sample images and best practices for decorating. Participants will learn laser etching and laser appliqué techniques and values. Participants will also gain technical knowledge in embroidery techniques and trends.

Bruce Perryman, MAS+


Bruce Perryman, MAS+, CEO of supplier Embroidery Unlimited, Inc. and a member of the PPAI Board's class of 2018, has been a member of PPAI since 2006. Bruce previously served as the RAC delegate to the board. Working closely with regional representatives has given Bruce a keen sense of the challenges and strengths that regional associations bring to PPAI. He is also currently serving on the Government Relations Action Council.


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