Expo East 2019: Attrition Control And Forecasting

Did you know that in technical sales, 25 to 40 percent of the revenue  you enjoyed last year will not be repeated this year? Regardless of the underlying reason, sales attrition happens. But unless you become aware of, accurately measure and account for and manage sales attrition, you will never achieve forecasting excellence. Join Vince DiCecco of Your Personal Business Trainer, Inc. as he introduces and discusses why attrition awareness and control is vital to the growth of your business.

Vince DiCecco

Business Coach, Founder, and Owner

Vince DiCecco is a dynamic and sought-after business coach and seminar leader with a unique yet practical perspective on the art and science of selling, strategic planning, business development, and leadership and management subjects. As the founder and owner of the metro Atlanta-based consultancy, Your Personal Business Trainer, Inc., Vince sparks the kind of passion within his client business owners and sales professionals that creates customer delight and loyalty, sharpens their competitive edge and delivers double-digit gains in profitability to an organization’s bottom line.

As an award-winning professional with over 36 years of roll-up-your-sleeves experience in training, sales and marketing, Vince has made significant contributions to the success of two Fortune 200 companies, the United States Coast Guard and numerous small- to mid-sized businesses. He has been a presenting speaker at many industry expos—including SGIA—and is a monthly columnist and featured author for several trade publications—including Awards & Engraving magazine.


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Recorded 06/04/2019
Recorded 06/04/2019
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