Generation SPARK Podcast: Lead, Don't Manage

Recorded On: 04/03/2020

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Join us for this 30 minute episode of Generation SPARK. Learn to manage a remote team based on each individual’s strengths and weaknesses using Predictive Index to optimize solutions. We will dive into discussions with Dr. Leah Flynn Gallant and Alicia Skipper on the topic of predictive index assessments and personality tests in the business environment and what it’s all about. This session will help to explain how to get to know your team and how to improve communication and cohesiveness even when working remote. 

Alicia Skipper, CPIM

Promo Guru

Alicia Skipper, CPIM is the PromoGuru at PromoPros. Alicia enjoys finding new and exciting products to share with our clients to help promote their messages. She joined the workgroup for SPARK in 2019 and could not be more thrilled. She has earned the designation of Incentive Professional (IP), and Certified Professional of Incentive Marketing (CPIM) in the incentive industry, and aims to show that same level enthusiasm in everything she does. Alicia is the host of the Generation SPARK Podcast, which dives deeper into SPARK Conference topics, attendee perspectives, presenter insights, and more!

Dr. Leah Flynn Gallant

Professor and Speaker

Dr. Leah Flynn Gallant has worked in student affairs and leadership development for close to 20 years. She is the Associate Dean for the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement Office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and provides oversight for a number of leadership initiatives on campus, such as LeaderShape and the Community Catalyst Leadership Program that matches alumni leadership coaches with sophomore student. In addition to her leadership work, Leah completed her PhD at Syracuse University in Cultural Foundations of Education. She also received her Masters in Higher Education Administration from Syracuse. In May, she will take on the position of Talent Development Consultant in the Alumni Association/Resource Development shared services area at MIT.


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