Generation SPARK Podcast: What Is SPARK All About?

In this debut episode, you'll hear an explanation of what SPARK is, who attends and what we want to achieve with the Generation SPARK Podcast. Presenters include Stephen McFadden, CAS, Alicia Skipper, and Jody M. Shaw, CMP, PMP. 

Jody M. Shaw, CMP, PMP

Manager of Professional Development

Jody M. Shaw, CMP, PMP, is the Professional Development Manager for PPAI.  Jody Shaw is the co-founder of the SPARK program and serves as the staff liaison for the PPAI SPARK Work Group. In addition, Jody oversees speaker relations, event management and education sessions at PPAI conferences, trade shows, and online education while overseeing the year-round SPARK program. She has over 16 years of experience in education, event, program and project management. She taught leadership development at MIT for four years and annually teaches the Certified Meeting Planner class in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Stephen McFadden, CAS


Stephen McFadden is president for Perfect Promotions & More, Inc and also the 2020 SPARK Work Group Chair. Skilled in creative sales programs, current trend identification, and networking, McFadden believes in a Give, Give, Give, Ask mentality.

Alicia Skipper, CPIM (Moderator)

Promo Guru

Alicia Skipper, CPIM is the PromoGuru at PromoPros. Alicia enjoys finding new and exciting products to share with our clients to help promote their messages. She joined the workgroup for SPARK in 2019 and could not be more thrilled. She has earned the designation of Incentive Professional (IP), and Certified Professional of Incentive Marketing (CPIM) in the incentive industry, and aims to show that same level enthusiasm in everything she does. Alicia is the host of the Generation SPARK Podcast, which dives deeper into SPARK Conference topics, attendee perspectives, presenter insights, and more!

Please note this session is for informational purposes and there is no education credit provided.

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