MAS: Go-Go Bananas: Challenges of Product Liability and Indemnification Up and Down the Stream of Commerce

Recorded On: 07/19/2017

Promotional products industry professionals should understand how liability for product defects may arise and flow within the stream of commerce, and how the players in the stream may allocate (or may be statutorily required to allocate) risk through indemnity and other arrangements. 

The existence or scope of liability and indemnity in a particular product stream depends on common law principles, statutory law and state reforms, contractual agreements and public policy. In this presentation, we will consider the various moving parts within the concept of product liability and indemnity with the hope that we will all gain good knowledge that will improve your individual businesses and the promotional products industry as a whole.This session qualifies as a Product Safety Aware elective. 

Cory Halliburton

Attorney At Law

Cory Halliburton is an attorney with the law firm of Weycer, Kaplan, Pulaski & Zuber. He has served as General Counsel for PPAI since May 2014 and since that time he has participated in just about every PPAI Board meeting and strategic planning session and has reviewed hundreds of contracts for PPAI. He also supports in-house counsel of publicly traded companies and executives in the tax-exempt organizations space in their drafting and negotiation of substantial vendor agreements. 

Cory Halliburton graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Tech University School of Law in 2003 and, among other accolades, was the recipient of the 2013 Outstanding Young Lawyer Award from the Fort Worth-Tarrant County Young Lawyers Association.


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MAS: Go-Go Bananas: Challenges Of Product Liability And Indemnification Up And Down The Stream Of Commerce Quiz
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