MAS: Hazard Identification In The Product Life Cycle

Recorded On: 08/22/2018

Product safety is a challenging issue in the promotional products industry because the ultimate use and users of the product are not always known at the time of manufacture. For example, promotional products that are intended for use by adults are given out at trade shows and in workplaces and may end up in the hands of children. This does not mean that every promotional product must be designed as safe for children of all ages, but it does mean that a determination about its appeal and foreseeable use by children needs to be considered when manufacturing or distributing a promotional product. Join Sue DeRagon for this session and she will address vital considerations that could help you avoid potential hazards for your business.

Susan DeRagon

Senior Technical Consultant

Susan DeRagon is the Senior Technical Consultant for Qima. Ms. DeRagon has over 25 years of experience in the toy and premiums industry, and has worked with PPAI as a technical consultant since 2008. Ms. DeRagon has conducted numerous technical seminars and webinars, and works closely with companies to provide the highest level of quality service in the areas of product testing, quality assurance, safety evaluations and inspections.

Ms. DeRagon is an active member of the Toy Industry Association and the American Society for Testing and Materials, participating on several toy and children's product standards committees. She is also on the Board of Directors for ICPHSO, the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization.


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MAS: Hazard Identification In The Product Life Cycle Quiz
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