The Need To Know Info On Personal Protective Equipment

Recorded On: 04/28/2020

Authorities around the world have eased regulations to help supply match demand as typically it would take months for these products to enter the market. Please join this session with Matthew McGarrity to find out the need to know information when producing, buying or selling personal protective equipment.Medical devices are generally categorized in a risk-based classification system. PPE typically falls under Class 1 and Class 2, defined by a lower risk and simple design, and by medium risk and more complex design, respectively. Class 2 medical devices also have specialty regulatory controls. In the U.S., the FDA has dropped the 501(k) premarket notification, which requires that new medical devices in both categories demonstrate that they are cleared as “substantially equivalent” to a predicate device in terms of intended use, technological characteristics and performance testing, as needed.


Matthew McGarrity

Global Hardlines Technical Manager

Matthew McGarrity is the Global Hardlines Technical Manager and is highly experienced in product conformity and interpretation of US Federal regulations, Canada, States and local government agencies requirements. Mr. McGarrity’s focus is on Medical PPE, Tools, Environmental Exposure, Accelerated Aging. As a senior technical manager of Hardlines, Matt designs and manages NBE (National Brand Equivalency) and benchmark testing programs. He is  knowledgeable with US Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA), Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), California Air Resource Board (CARB), CA Proposition 65, and Health Canada regulations (SORs) for safety and compliance for various consumer products and materials. In addition, Matthew is very familar with  ASTM, ANSI, UL, ASME, CSA, SAE, CSPA standards. Matthew created and revised testing protocols for numerous products relating to hard goods, packaging, materials, DIY, and tools (power and hand). Authored comprehensive client testing directives and manuals including, outdoor eating, outdoor cooking, outdoor power equipment, textiles, and furniture. Extremely knowledgeable in accelerated weathering methods and techniques. Expert in regulatory and performance requirements for furniture.  

Maurice Norris

Public Affairs Manager

Maurice is the public affairs manager for PPAI. He monitors legislative and regulatory developments affecting the promotional products industry. Maurice also assists members with compliance challenges facing their businesses and helps them advocate for their companies with various aspects and levels of government. Maurice also serves on the board of the Graphic Communications Workforce Coalition.



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