WLC 2018: GOOYOW: How To Do Exactly What's Being Avoided And Live Your Best Life

Recorded On: 06/25/2018

Do you find yourself avoiding the specific actions you know you need to take? Do you ever second guess yourself even though you know you are good at what you do? Are you ready to shut down your negative inner voice and get out of your own way (#GOOYOW)? The truth is…the details around you are not going to change. It’s how you choose to navigate them that will. Join Victoria Turner and find out how to reframe the thoughts that keep you stuck and change them into opportunities that create deeper connections, hold you accountable and propel you into action to achieve your goals and accelerate your career.

Victoria Turner

Certified Executive Coach

Victoria Turner is a certified executive coach who works with professional women to Get Out of Their Own Way. She is the founder of YourPowerOutlet.com, a platform for women to plug into to generate their desired results. Victoria believes that we are the biggest obstacle standing in our own way of success - whatever that may look like for you. Prior to coaching, Victoria combined her business degree and entrepreneurial spirit to create Pippalily and Simply On Board, two lines of baby products that she successfully sold in 2011. She is also a mother of three. Victoria believes that the details around us won’t change, it is how we choose to respond to them that can. 


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Recorded 06/25/2018
Recorded 06/25/2018
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